…getting traction

Sometimes when building a photography business as well as working an office job full time, it gets quite frustrating and keeping the motivation up is quite difficult.

Especially when you have an office job to pay the bills, I feel like I come home and my mind is completely drained. I don’t even work long hours but just having to contend with the daily life of a large corporation is something that I just don’t feel compatible with and consequently, I feel tired and exhausted a lot of the time.

To then go ahead and write a business plan, a transition plan into photography, marketing, processing photos, scanning film, learning skills and applying for photo jobs is a herculean task. Don’t get me wrong: Photography is what I want. I can’t think of much else most of the day and it has become my calling so I will power through this and make it happen. No matter what.

However, it is during the toughest of times when you sometimes see a light at the end of the tunnel. I applied for a photography job for a high profile client. A reception event with drinks and canapés in a 5 star hotel in Central London. I had applied for a different job with the same client but they didn’t choose me (which I kind of expected as this happens a lot). However, they kept my details and shortly after they declined me for the first job, they offered me the one I ended up doing.

I was over the moon.

I immediately started to make mental notes of what was required and they also sent me a brief I needed to follow. The pressure was very much on as I always aim to deliver high quality work. Needless to say I was also nervous. My first high profile client, with a proper brief and event outline. This was serious and I need to put my A game on.

When the day of the event came, the best part was to decide what kit to take. I am not comfortable enough with the X-Pro2 yet so I decided to stick with what I know and took the Canon 5D IV and my 24-70 + 70-200 lenses as well as a flash.

The event was indoors and having done a bit of recce online, I thought this was my safest bet. I turned out, that the room was so dark, a flash was a must. However, I pushed the ISO to 12800 and could work without the flash a fair bit but just not an awful lot. The 70-200 (2.8L IS II) lens is one of my favourites as I can consistently produce great images with it but in hindsight, I think I could have even left it at home and only work with the 24-70.

Before and during the event I was put at ease by the fact that the organisational team was just really friendly and forthcoming and made me feel at ease. I photographed away and think I captured a lot of good moments for the client and the initial feedback I received proves that in that they said the photos are exactly what they were looking for.

What else can I ask for?

Success all around and I am happy it all worked so well. In fact, it worked so well that the client actually asked me to do another job for them, however, I had to decline as I was not around. Hopefully, I can do more things like that going forward as after all this is what I prepared for and want to do.

I wish I could show you some of the photos of the night but I signed a non-disclosure agreement which means the images cannot be shared just yet.

So yeah, I hope I can build some momentum and traction from this!

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