Home gallery

Now that my printing workshop has concluded and I was able to think about it a bit more I am actually still buzzing from it.

It mentioned before how satisfying it felt to hold something in my hands, I had created myself. I now managed to put the print I made up on one of our walls in our hallway. It looks really nice and fits in with the Magnum square prints that already adorn our hallway.

This almost makes it a little home gallery! No, I am not going to invite people around to look at pictures. But then again… hmmm. I guess my fiancé would object to it although a home gallery and inviting people around to look at the photos is not an unheard of concept! It reminds me when we went to the Barbican Estate to look at Anton Rodriguez’ flat and got a presentation for his book. It was quite brilliant.

I would really like to print and hang more photos as I just like coming home to them and they are the first thing I see when coming through the door. It makes me feel good and keeps me connected with photography. The same counts for scanning film negatives by the way. I am getting quite good at it now so I can share more of my film photos online. They just looks so much different compared to digital and I am always especially happy when there are photos I managed to pull off something special.

I have included a few images for you in this post and I hope you enjoy them.

Remember: You can connect with me on here or through my website www.benbeerphoto.co.uk which is the main hub for my photography and includes links to all other social media outlets I am active in.

Happy to hear from you!

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