Cancer Research UK Autumn Reception

The other day, I mentioned that I would be shooting an event for a high profile client. Well, now that they have allowed me to share it, it was for Cancer Research UK which is one of the biggest charities in the country.

The event was for their philanthropic donors, meaning people who have given the charity a lot of money in the past. The reception took place at The Ned Hotel in London which is a 5 star venue and it was suitably swish.

I applied for the job at hand (sent CV, portfolio review and all) and they said they liked my photos and if I could work the event for them. How serious they are as an operation was proven to me by the fact that I not only had to sign a non disclosure agreement but was also given a specific brief to outline was kind of images they wanted me to capture and what overall purpose and feel of the event.

The event itself was good. Everybody was really friendly and I managed to get some nice photos. I had to remind myself not to get too creative as I had to stick to the brief but I think it worked well in the end.

Included in this post are some images I can share with you.

Until soon


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