…it’s a goner.

…and it’s gone.

The Yashica doorstop will have a new owner. Sad, but in the end it just took up space.

Was it an Ebay trap? I don’t think it was. I feel the seller had the best intentions but didn’t know enough about the actual condition of the camera. I was looking forward to using it regularly but the price for the repairs is just too much (£179+VAT) and I don’t think the camera is worth it, even when fully refurbished.

Otherwise, I am currently trying to put together a SWOT analysis and figure out my USP. I have a few ideas for that but it is not easy to figure out why I am actually doing the things I am doing. However, I also feel that the belief I have in myself as a photographer has grown stronger in the past few months and I know that my portfolio is strong enough to get me hired simply because I got hired because of it. Additionally, the fact that I have been in the corporate world for so long (almost 20 years) makes me qualified to get a job done not only on time but efficiently as well. I believe these are qualities that a photographer needs and I will formulate that into a USP and mission statement which I will duly share here once it has happened.

You start to realise quite quickly that actually using a camera does not happen very often once you get involved with the business side of things which is kind of sad but also informs a couple of long term goals. For example:

1)      Can I outsource accounting, booking/appointments and customer service?

2)      Can I work with a retoucher?

I know I am getting ahead of myself as I have none of these things in place at all, yet. So treat this as just thinking out loud and throwing ideas around which I love doing anyway (I have been called a dreamer… some people told me in the past that dreams are a waste of time, others tell me it’s good whereas I just like to build scenarios and stories relating to my life in my head. Note: MY LIFE.)

Anyway, I digress.

I hope that a lot of the business building will happen over the Xmas period. I am also thinking what else I can do with this blog. So far traffic has been slow but I get it: I am not posting several times a day and I am not even sure if the tags I use are relevant or desired. I will look into that but I think posting once a day should be fine for now, considering that I don’t have a lot of time to spend. That’s the plan at least.

The bottom line is that I want and need to use the camera more. Above, I said that I am confident in my portfolio but that confidence is fleeting and not permanent and I need to do more. I have been thinking about different genres I could tackle as there is quite a lot, I feel I would like to explore. I have never shot fashion or models in general and I have been thinking about it for a while now. I am torn though: On one hand I think it could be a wicked skill to have but on the other hand I look at photos that involve models and think: What is the point? I fail to understand what photographers are trying to convey. Especially, when I look at fashion magazines, I am not quite sure what the message is and I am mostly a bit disappointed with the photography I am seeing. I get that a product is supposed to be promoted, I am not naïve like that but sometimes I think: Is this the best the photographer can do or are they just bound to a brief coming from an art director?

Can I do it better? I don’t know. Whenever I have a question like that, I go back to Bruce Gilden. He recently did a fashion shoot and when I saw the photos, I felt quite energised by the fact that he managed to follow a brief and yet used his style of photography he is known for… in black and white too!

When I saw the images, I started to think about Helmut Newton as well. I am a fan. His work is mostly black and white too so I am thinking, should I ever get into fashion it would definitely be black and white but not that stylish and clean black and white you see today. No, it’s got to be a bit grainy and contrasty. Ideas are building in my head and once they have fully formed I will make a plan on how I can make that happen. Maybe a little Newton inspired shoot? Flash? Oh yes! Why not. I have nothing to lose and much to gain. If you are into Helmut Newton’s work, he has a whole museum dedicated to him in Berlin. It’s worth checking out, especially looking at videos on how he interacts with his subjects was quite good.

That’s your lot for today.

Have a good one and don’t forget to check out my print sales at https://art.tt/3273.

All the best!



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