Just a really quick one for you as I want to get this out there whilst I still have the impressions fresh in my mind…

Today, I went to the Andreas Gursky exhibition at the Southbank Centre here in London.

And what can I say? Wow. Just wow.

Genius level photography.

I don’t like the word genius really but this is a photographer who left an impression on me… The expansive, large scale and vision is just spectacular. Now, I have to admit, that I don’t really know a lot of German photographers and the only one who I really looked at was Helmut Newton. To add, Andreas Gursky to the mix is just a joy to me.

If you are in London, go look at the exhibition. It is still on until 22 April at the Southbank Centre. It is well worth it. A well put together retrospective.

That’s all.

Oh, and I have attached some snow pictures for you taken today. I hope you like them.

More coming soon about some of my recent shenanigans.

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