The Office Series

I have worked in offices for almost 20 years. I know them well and there isn’t much I haven’t seen. I have worked in really modern offices that had state of the art furniture and really good food. I have also worked in really bad office that didn’t have any air conditioning and you were reliant on ceiling fans in the summer just to get a little bit of cooling (mind you, this would ruffle up the vast amounts of paper you would have on your desk. What a vicious circle!)

Then, recently I visited a more interesting office.

This office was unique as it has a lot of old school elements build in (very old and loud air con) but also has a more modern side like a fancy lift allocation system.

One floor struck me as quite interesting in that the desk and wall decorations looked very different to what you normally see in an office. The company housing the office is rather big so it was interesting to see what the employees do to make their desks a bit more unique. I was also fascinated by the things you tend to see in an office that strike you as quite stereotypical and yet have some form of art and creativity to them.

As with many companies, you can’t just take photos of an office interior without running into trouble and therefore, I took extra care to make sure the that neither the company logos or employee names are visible at all in the photo series I have created.

All images have been shot on an iPhone and edited in VSCO, using the A6 (Kodak Portra) filter.

I hope you like the images which have been exclusively shared here on WordPress and on Instagram.

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