Mirrorless wars? Mirroless excitement!

Heh, what can I say? When you read the popular photography blogs and watch the relevant  YouTube channels you hear lots of buzz about new mirrorless cameras hitting the market soon and they call it the “mirrorless wars”. I guess they need something to hook up on as megapixel wars are not really a thing anymore…

So far the big manufacturers like Nikon and Canon have pretty much ignored and held back on mirrorless technologies: The Nikon 1 is not considered very successful or good  and has now been discontinued and Canon made the M5 which I found promising but not quite up there with the best from Fuji or Sony (Canon’s other mirrorless cameras are considered solid but aimed at beginners and casual photographers, being very popular in Japan).

The big one coming this week is the new Nikon mirrorless full frame camera. I am a Canon DSLR and Fuji X photographer so I know both worlds quite well. I have to say, I am quite excited about the Nikon. It was about time one of the two big ones started to do something. I feel this can only be good for all the other manufacturers as they will be pushed. I am not a Sony fan at all but they have all the toys and gimmicks in their cameras. Do you really use all of that? I would bet not. However, they are very popular.

My Canon DSLR has so many features I never use… same for the Fuji. To me it is most important that I can create an exposure I am happy with and then have a sensor that gives me the look I want whilst doing minimal post processing. My current cameras do that quite well so I am not looking to buy a new camera just yet. It is also very important to me how a camera feels in my hands and I am happy with both.

Whilst I am really excited to see what Nikon and Canon are doing, my DSLR has not reached the end of its life yet and I am not going to sell it just because “everybody else is shooting mirrorless” now. Additionally, I love my Fuji camera and for a passionate street photographer like myself, it works really well. I think the X-Trans sensor is so strong in its image quality that it doesn’t have to hide behind any full frame camera. The Fuji lenses are great too. Compact and top quality.

And since the photography media is talking about mirrorless wars, I am really excited about what the next few months and the next year brings regarding mirrorless. No war for me. I use the camera that works for me and don’t buy gear for other people but for me.

Having said that though… if the new mirrorless from Canon is good… who knows?! 😉

So long.




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