The Seaside

The seaside has a special place in my heart. Not only because I was born close to the German North Sea but like most people I really enjoy the calm water splashing against the beach as well as the special and very different atmosphere compared to a metropolis like London.

Everything just seems so much more chilled out and fun. No one is in a rush to get anywhere and the most annoying thing may be seagulls ignoring your personal space.

We have recently been to Whitstable in Kent which is known for its Oysters and the also very different atmosphere compared to most seaside towns. There are no piers, arcades and rides. It’s all about the Oysters, the pubs and the independent shops. No wonder, the Shoreditch crowd likes it there… but so do we. The food was amazing and of course I indulged in my landscape photography.

When the tide was out, I managed to go straight to the Oyster trestles and make some wonderful photos.

Here is a selection of my favourite ones. You can also find them on my website and I will make them available for sale as prints once I get my new online shop up and running. More on that soon.

For now, I hope you enjoy the images. As a bonus there are also some images from a trip to the Dover area. There are some nice subjects to see but ultimately, it was a difficult day with vastly changing light (mostly not to the better I might add…).

Either way, I hope you enjoy these images.

More to come soon.



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