WTF is TFP? OMG and LOL.

Here goes: Today, I am sharing the images from my first ever TFP (trade for print) model photo shoot!

Oooooh, Aaaaaaah, Wooooooah, I hear you exclaim in joy!

If you know me then you know that I am a street photographer, slash, music photographer, slash, event photographer, so fairly still yet living subjects are not really my usual photography past time…

I met Stefanie through a mutual friend and she is a commercial model who was looking for some portfolio images. I did too and her and I being German was a good start!

My idea was to do a photo shoot in the Barbican Estate and Centre as I really like the brutalist architecture of the area. Besides, they welcome creatives with open arms (there are lots of photographers around and photo shoots happening all over the place).

The Barbican is also very varied and you can do lots of different things, playing with the light and poses.

I really wanted to integrate the architecture into the frames have Stefanie be almost lost in it. I think it worked quite well.

We also did a couple of poses in front of London landmarks like Tower Bridge and the Shard.

I have already received some feedback on the images and I am already aware what I can and should do better next time around. I hope there will be a next time as it was fun to venture into an area of photography I had not tried out before.

I hope you enjoy the images.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Thank you.

PS: It was windy af!

PPS: Yes, I know I cut off some feet and hands. See above note on things to improve.

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