Why I hate this photo…

…and nobody noticed what’s wrong with it.

I posted this photo onto Instagram (Gah. Ugh. Boooo.) on 26th of August.


It was taken in Brighton when I was on my way to the wedding of my best mate and man at my wedding.

It is a typical street photograph and at the time I didn’t even realise I had gotten this shot. The band in the background did notice me and was posing for me a little bit which was kind of cool. Then the contrast or juxtaposition (clichĂ© alarm!) was the guy in the front right of the frame looking deadpan into my camera.

Overall a pretty cool shot right?


“But why?” I hear you ask.

Let me explain. As you can see in the image I added a little wonky, red markup. This is to highlight the, to me, blatant faults of the image and my errors in post production…

First, on the left hand side, the sky is pixelated. I changed the the contrast and the curve too much in Lightroom mobile. It looks just plain awful.

Second, on the right hand side, my OCD regarding straight horizons has made me blind to the fact that this could have been a bit more dynamic with a wonky horizon so I ended up with a cropped out bit at the top right.

Third, my overall processing of this image in black and white is just abysmal!

What was I thinking?

I don’t know. I really don’t. I vow to do better..

Yet, the image got 37 likes which for me is quite a lot. So in the end, I uploaded a shitty photo and 37 people clicked “Like”. Hmmm. Food for thought there…

That’s all I got for today.

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