…a bit of geaR talk.

Now that a bit of time has passed, I wanted to share some thoughts about the new Canon EOS R mirrorless camera.

The negativity surrounding camera announcements had me stunned. So much so that I really started to hate YouTube and social media in general for it is filled with people full of negativity and yes, hate. I love camera gear and I suffer from the famous G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) like the next person. However, I do not really go onto the internet and leave vile comments or insult others for having a different opinion to myself… I like to take the high road in these instances and not usually respond to trolls… having said that, sometimes I cannot help myself and I have to respond. Enough is just enough sometimes.

However, I digress.

As it was a Canon camera that was announced it became obvious that people would make jokes about it and generally give it a lot of negativity.

To me a camera is a tool to express my creativity and when I need to deliver a job.

It needs to work and work well.

Canon has done that for me for a long time now and I am not really inclined to leave the system. Sure, I could. I actually pondered switching when the Nikon D850 came out as that camera has a lot of features I really like. Just not the lenses I need want and need.

I then thought about switching to Fuji entirely. I already have a Fuji X-Pro2 which I enjoy a lot. I only have three lenses for it at the moment but I am planning to add a 16mm and a 56mm in the near to mid future. It is just my go to camera for street photography and when generally out and about.

But when I use my Canon 5D Mark IV for an event such as a wedding or gig, I just feel great with it. I feel the freedom to create and to forget about the cameras’ settings or what button to press as I know exactly where everything is. I also love the image quality. I don’t really care what YouTube thinks. I feel the 5D Mark IV produces great images and I just love the colours.

What I love even more is how the RAW files translate into black and white conversions. Just stunning and very close to film. What more can I ask for?

Besides, a client wouldn’t notice what type of camera the image was made with and I would like to think that a client also doesn’t care as long as you get the job done.

So when the new EOS R full frame mirrorless was announced, I was naturally excited.

Oh boy, I love the design of the new camera a lot.

The features I want and need are almost all there but there are a couple of niggles that make me steer away from it for now… These are mainly the lack of a joystick to navigate around the focus points and the lack of a second card slot. When shooting events this is vital nowadays as a redundancy option. It is not really a sign of the quality of the camera but more who Canon is aiming the camera at.

There is a really good video from Canon USA describing the cameras’ features in great detail and Canon is very clear that it is aimed at enthusiasts and people stepping up to full frame, maybe from APS-C cameras.

Check the video out here: Canon EOS R Overview

In the end this means, this camera is not for me… I am not stepping up, I want a second body to add to my 5D IV and eventually go full mirrorless.

If Canon can deliver this with a more high end model i.e. a mirrorless, better 5D, maybe the EOS R5 or something like that, then I am on board.

Because let’s face it: Mirrorless is the way forward and the future and as a photographer you need to future proof yourself just to be able to deliver the images you want. For now, I am happy with my Canon and Fuji set up. As a side note though: Whilst writing this, the Fuji X-T3 has been announced and I was so impressed with it that i put it on pre-order. I am trading in my X-Pro2 as I got a really good offer for it and Fuji is also giving everyone an additional £200 trade in bonus which means, I get the new camera for pretty much for free! How awesome is that?

Anyway, I don’t like to go too much into the technical details of camera equipment as I don’t find it all too important so, just treat this post as a little opinion piece. Nothing more, nothing less.

So long.

PS: If you haven’t already, please check out my website here

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