The photographer within – Dungeness, strangeness, quietness and the weirdest seaside place… ever.


My friend Louis and I went to Dungeness the other day…

Voice from the off: “Dungeness you say?” “The place that has been done a billion times by a billion photographers before you say?”

Yes, that place.

I had never been so you can’t really blame me for being excited about it. Mind you, I like to explore things myself and don’t like to go in big groups in which everybody shoots the same images. Exploring was interesting and it was very, very windy. I have to say it was tough shooting but it was great fun nevertheless.

Here is a nice black & white, long exposure image:

DU Long Exp

I hope you like it. One of my grad filters had to die for this one! 🙂

Otherwise, there were just a lot of abandoned boats, debris and tools scattered around the whole beach. There were signs stating that this would be an active work area but I couldn’t help but feel that it was just not clear if it actually was active or not… Strange.

Strange is the key word here. It was also very quiet. There were quite a few people around but it seemed like the sound was sucked out of the air. I love shooting like that and I really felt in tune with myself and my photography which I haven’t felt in quite a while if I am honest.

Despite the landscape and the eeriness of the place there had to be street photography inspired photos too of course.

Here is the series I shot during the day.


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