Recognition – a rare occurrence and a gift to be cherished.

Photographers are a weird bunch.

We tend to sit in front of our computers a lot, processing photos, staring at our phones counting Instagram likes, hanging out on Twitter and Facebook uploading photos to search for that recognition we all want and think we deserve.

I am no exception to this.

Instagram kind of ruined my outlook on recognition and I am really not that convinced that it gets photographers a lot of paid work…

So when actual recognition comes around, I get very excited… Like the time the New York Center for Photographic Art recognised my Oxford Street Rush Hour image with a  jurors’ pick and publishing in their catalogue:

Rush Hour

And now The Freelancer Club is recognising one of my other images in their Summer Showcase in a gallery in London. I am chuffed to bits by this as this means that my image will be seen by industry professionals and artists alike. I am kind of nervous to see what or if there is a reaction to the photo.

This is the one by the way:

Glue Composite

These guys are really cool and I am very proud of this image especially as it was done like most of my photography was done: In the moment. The hard work came after when I made a composite of three single images. It was hard at the time but I think it paid off.

Thank you The Freelancer Club for featuring one of my photos. I am very happy and grateful for that!

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