The Rural Fun Fair

When I recently when home to Germany, the bi-annual fun fair was on. I thought: Good opportunity, packed my Ricoh GRII and went for it. I have always wanted to shoot at a fun fair as I think the people running them and the people visiting them can be really interesting and different to people you normally see in the streets.

I think the images came out quite well. Technically, I love the grain the GRII produces at high ISO settings and it looks quite film like, which I love.

I hope you enjoy the images.


Fun Fair0 21
Ferries Wheel with Face
Fun Fair0 26
Fun Fair0 25
The Legend. This man has been making almonds for decades and we was around when I was a little boy.

Fun Fair0 23Fun Fair0 18Fun Fair0 15Fun Fair0 14Fun Fair0 11Fun Fair0 20Fun Fair0 22Fun Fair0 16Fun Fair0 13Fun Fair0 12Fun Fair0 6Fun Fair0 2Fun Fair0 1Fun Fair0Fun Fair0 8Fun Fair0 7Fun Fair0 9Fun Fair0 10Fun Fair0 17Fun Fair0 3

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