Speakers’ Corner

Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park here in London is famous since the 1800s for people expressing their views and to encourage public debate.

I hadn’t been there for quite a few years as, at some point, Speakers’ Corner was really quite touristy. So, today my friend and I went there just to check it out and we were not disappointed.

Granted, the conversations were a bit radical and there was not a lot of debate or consensus, more like a I AM RIGHT and YOU ARE WRONG kind of thing which is maybe a reflection of how society functions nowadays… There is hardly a middle ground anymore and people tend to get angry about things very quickly. The tone in some of the “debates” felt a little intense at times but it gave me a bit of a buzz and I loved photographing in that environment.

I also felt some of the “speakers” were really photogenic so I think they deserve more than one image each. I hope you like this little series shot today:

Speakers CornerSpeakers Corner 1Speakers Corner 2Speakers Corner 3Speakers Corner 4Speakers Corner 5Speakers Corner 6Speakers Corner 7Speakers Corner 9Speakers Corner 11Speakers Corner 12Speakers Corner 13Speakers Corner 14Speakers Corner 15Speakers Corner 16Speakers Corner 18Speakers Corner 20Speakers Corner 21

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